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Middlesex County Real Estate – Connecticut Real Estate History


Arrigoni Bridge

Arrigoni Bridge, Middletown, Connecticut: Spanning the Connecticut River between Middletown and Portland is a steel “through arch” bridge named after a former state legislator, Charles…
Weston Ulbrich
August 15, 2023

Simon Smith House

Simon Smith House, Haddam, Connecticut: This Colonial Cape-style house at 974 Saybrook Road was built around 1745 - a year before Simon Smith married Eleanor…
Weston Ulbrich
October 31, 2022

Simon Hazelton House

Simon Hazelton House, Haddam, Connecticut: In the center of Haddam is Georgian-style house built in 1785. The home was first owned by a Revolutionary War…
Weston Ulbrich
August 17, 2022

Duane Barnes House

Duane Barnes House, Middletown, Connecticut: This Gothic Revival house on High Street, was built in 1848. Edward Duane Barnes commissioned the home to be constructed…
Weston Ulbrich
January 3, 2022

Ezra Mather House

Ezra Mather House, Essex, Connecticut: This Federal style house at 37 Main Street once belonged to a physician named Dr. Ezra Mather. The home was…
Weston Ulbrich
December 23, 2021

Whitney Ridge Stable

Whitney Ridge Stable, Haddam, Connecticut: This home in Haddam's village of Higganum is a modified saltbox, first built in 1780, fronting a large parcel of…
Weston Ulbrich
November 14, 2021
East Hampton

Shipyard Falls

Shipyard Falls, East Hampton, Connecticut: This little-known waterfall isn’t marked on most maps. Its water source is from Mine Brook. The plunge spouts from a…
Weston Ulbrich
November 10, 2021