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Historic Landmarks – Connecticut Real Estate History


Cranbrook Tower

Cranbrook Tower, Guilford, Connecticut: Guilford was founded in 1639 by Puritans who purchased land from Native Americans represented by a female chief, Shaumpishih. The coastal…
Weston Ulbrich
March 5, 2024

Housatonic Overlook

Housatonic Overlook, Orange, Connecticut: Housatonic Overlook offers a scenic hiking experience with five looping trails that lead to a stunning view of the Housatonic River.…
Weston Ulbrich
January 10, 2024

Arrigoni Bridge

Arrigoni Bridge, Middletown, Connecticut: Spanning the Connecticut River between Middletown and Portland is a steel “through arch” bridge named after a former state legislator, Charles…
Weston Ulbrich
August 15, 2023

Stevenson Dam

Stevenson Dam, Monroe, Connecticut: In 1917, construction began on Stevenson Dam connecting the towns of Monroe to Oxford. It’s still one of the largest dams…
Weston Ulbrich
August 5, 2023

Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands State Park, Milford, Connecticut:  In 1955, Hurricane Diane destroyed 75 homes on Milford’s shoreline. As a result, Connecticut’s State Park system acquired about…
Weston Ulbrich
October 14, 2022

Albert G. Stark House

Albert G. Stark House, Mystic, Connecticut: On West Mystic Avenue is an eight-sided Italianate style house built in 1850 for Albert G. Stark, a general…
Weston Ulbrich
August 28, 2022

Simon Hazelton House

Simon Hazelton House, Haddam, Connecticut: In the center of Haddam is Georgian-style house built in 1785. The home was first owned by a Revolutionary War…
Weston Ulbrich
August 17, 2022

Merritt Parkway

Merritt Parkway, Connecticut:  The Merritt Parkway is one of the oldest scenic parkways in the United States. The parkway was named for Stamford native and…
Weston Ulbrich
January 2, 2022
New Haven

Judges Cave

Judges Cave, New Haven, Connecticut: Atop West Rock Ridge State Park is a notorious rock formation once used as a hideout from King Charles I…
Weston Ulbrich
December 17, 2021
Old Lyme

Boxwood Manor

Boxwood Manor, Old Lyme, Connecticut: Built around 1842, this brick mansion on Lyme Street was the estate of Richard Sill Griswold. He was from a…
Weston Ulbrich
November 29, 2021

City Place I

City Place I, Hartford, Connecticut: A commercial office building now stands on the site of John Pierpont Morgan’s birthplace. J.P. Morgan was an American banking…
Weston Ulbrich
November 27, 2021
East Haven

East Haven Green

East Haven Green, East Haven, Connecticut: At the center of the East Haven Green Historic District is East Haven Green. The open space is bounded…
Weston Ulbrich
November 20, 2021
East Hampton

Shipyard Falls

Shipyard Falls, East Hampton, Connecticut: This little-known waterfall isn’t marked on most maps. Its water source is from Mine Brook. The plunge spouts from a…
Weston Ulbrich
November 10, 2021