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32 Anderson Avenue

32 Anderson Avenue, Milford, Connecticut: Built in 1925, this little tudor home has a Dutch gable roof, sometimes also called a “Jerkinhead” roof.  View on…
Weston Ulbrich
February 7, 2023

Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands State Park, Milford, Connecticut:  In 1955, Hurricane Diane destroyed 75 homes on Milford’s shoreline. As a result, Connecticut’s State Park system acquired about…
Weston Ulbrich
October 14, 2022

55 Governors Avenue

55 Governors Avenue, Milford, Connecticut:   Erected in 1865, this Italianate home has early Victorian accents and a gabled roof.   View on Instagram
Weston Ulbrich
February 15, 2022

158 Broad Street

158 Milford, Connecticut:   Built around 1900, this minuscule mansard-roofed home is hard to miss in downtown Milford.   View on Instagram:
Weston Ulbrich
January 18, 2022

Charles H. Pond House

Charles H. Pond House, Milford, Connecticut:   Charles Hobby Pond served as Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut from 1850 to 1853 and after the resignation of…
Weston Ulbrich
January 11, 2022