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Dutch ColonialWallingford

Samuel Parsons House

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Samuel Parsons House, Wallingford, Connecticut:

At 180 South Main Street is a Dutch Colonial with two end-chimneys, and a red clapboarded exterior. The house is believed to date back to around 1770 based on its style. However documentary evidence suggests it may have been built as early as 1759. The home was probably constructed by John Parsons, and is named for his grandson Samuel, who owned it by 1803. The property was gifted to the Wallingford Historic Society in 1919, which adapted it as a headquarters and house museum.

According to the Wallingford Historical Society, the organization was: “Founded in 1916 to preserve all aspects of Wallingford’s history, we have an ever-growing collection of Wallingford’s cultural, military, agricultural, commercial, industrial and genealogical history, while serving as Wallingford’s attic. Our main goals are to preserve and display our artifacts in order to educate people of all ages on the richness of the history of our ever-evolving 350-year-old town.”

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