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Milo Ives House

By August 31, 2023No Comments

Milo Ives House, Wallingford, Connecticut:

This historic homestead is an outlier of sorts and a bit of a mystery. The modified Cape Cod style house was erected on or before 1800, but the exact year is unknown. It’s located at 1142 Durham Road on the western edge of the North Farms section of Wallingford, where Ives family settlers have resided since the mid-1600’s. John Ives was a signer of the Wallingford Agreement, establishing the town in 1667.

The first homeowner may have been William Walter Ives. However the house was later named after his son, Milo Ives who inherited the property. Milo and his wife Mary Ann Benham raised two of three surviving sons. Due to unknown causes, Milo died in his 41st year. Perhaps the hardships that his family endured gave way to memorializing the house in Milo’s name. According to, the Ives family has frequently used “Milo” as a first name and middle name in remembrance of their ancestor.

U.S. Highway I-91 opened in 1959 nearly in the backyard of the Milo Ives House. The dwelling appears on neither state nor national registries.

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