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Connecticut’s Blue Town Signs: Branford

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“In 1638 the New Haven Colony traded “eleven coats of trucking cloth and one coat of English cloth made in the English fashion to the Mattaesec Indians for land known as Totokett (Tidal River). The First permanent settlement was established in 1644 when people from Wethersfield came to Totokett, later renamed Branford after the town of Brentford in Middlesex County, England.”

“The Sound provided many of the settlers with a livelihood of shipbuilding and coastwise trade. Industry began in 1655 when the first iron furnace in Connecticut was set up and operated at Lake Saltonstall. Yale College was founded in 1701 when ten ministers met and made a contribution of books. In 1852 upon completion of the railroad, industrialization flourished. Two leading manufacturing firms were founded during this era: the Malleable Iron Fittings Company in 1854, and the Branford Lock Works in 1862. The twentieth century has brought some changes to Branford, but much of its historical heritage remains in the form of old buildings and well-preserved villages.”