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Connecticut’s Blue Town Signs: Farmington Canal

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Farmington Canal, Plainville, Connecticut:
(A special edition blue historical marker)

Farmington Canal (1828-1848)
The “Long Level” section was the single most important factor in growth of Great Plain area of Farmington into Plainville. Present center developed around Bristol Basin. Whiting’s Basin lay west of Farmington Avenue with a dry dock halfway between. Dug entirely by hand and horse. Canal was 36 feet wide, 4 feet deep, with 10-foot towpath. Boats approximately 85 feet long pulled by horses or mules included the locally owned “Ceres” and “ H. M. Welch”; also the “James Hillhouse” and “Gold Hunter”. Advent of railroads, geographical and financial problems contributed to early demise of waterway running from New Haven to Massachusetts.

Erected 1971 by Connecticut Historic Commission and the Plainville Historical Society, Inc.

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