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Connecticut’s Blue Town Signs: Newington

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Newington, Connecticut:

“1636 – Newington valley used by Wethersfield settlers as a source for pipe staves, building materials and pasture lands. Pipestave Swamp, Cow Plain and West Farms were early names for the area.

1671 – Land first divided among 76 Wethersfield householders. (The Mile-in-Breadth).

1677 – Permanent settlement in Newington began with the establishment of a sawmill at Mill Pond Falls.

1721 – Town legally named Newington (New Meadow Town) by the General Assembly of Connecticut.

1754 – Permanent boundaries of Newington established.

1871 – Newington incorporated on July 10, 1871.

1966 – Town Manager-Council form of government introduced.

1971 – Newington Centennial Anniversary observed:

The Connecticut Historical Commission
The Newington Centennial Commission

Weston Ulbrich

Weston Ulbrich

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