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First Congregational Church of Danbury

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First Congregational Church, Danbury, Connecticut:

Long before American Independence, eight pioneers from Norwalk purchased land in Danbury from the Potatuck Indians in 1684. The colonists and their families, like most settlers of the Connecticut colony, were staunch Congregationalists. The First Ecclesiastical Society governing body of the First Congregational Church was chartered by the General Court and a meetinghouse was erected in 1696. During the early days of Danbury, the First Ecclesiastical Society also governed the town. In 1753, a baptismal bowl hammered from a solid piece of silver was presented to the church, and the bowl is used for baptisms to this day.

The congregation has an abolitionist and inclusive history, teaching scripture and texts to classes of boys and girls of all races as early as 1812. This First Congregational Church meetinghouse on Deer Hill Avenue is now in its fifth version. The current structure and its large pipe organ were dedicated in 1909. The architectural firm of Howells & Stokes designed this Colonial Revival style church of grand proportions. In 1960, the congregation became a part of the United Church of Christ.

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Weston Ulbrich

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