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Bunny Fountain and Starkweather House

By December 29, 2021January 4th, 2022No Comments

This unique fountain is located in the village of Nichols on the corner of Huntington Turnpike and Unity Road. It was created in 1895 as a gift to the town. At first, the fountain was placed on Nichols Green and used as a trough for horses. It was also fashioned with a kerosene lamp. When cars replaced horses as the main method of transportation, the fountain was moved to its current location in 1931 and redesigned with bunnies and mushrooms.

The Italianate home in the background is Starkweather House built in 1867. It’s the headquarters of the Nichols Improvement Association founded in 1889 to beautify and improve the historic village of Nichols in the town of Trumbull. The N.I.A. owns and maintains Nichols Green, which has a World Wars Monument and other properties totaling 42 acres.