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Coley Homestead

By January 21, 2021September 9th, 2023No Comments

Coley Homestead, Weston, Connecticut:

This estate was established in 1834 by David Dimon Coley on 15 acres of land leased from his father, Eliphalet Coley. In 1841, David Coley finished constructing the Coley House. Five consecutive generations of Coley’s lived here. David Dimon left his estate to his son James L. Coley, who left it to his son James Coley who left it to his son James Sturges Coley who was a carpenter and remodeled it extensively. His wife Cleora Coley bequeathed the house, outbuildings and 3.7 acres of property to the Weston Historical Society in 1981.

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