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Lynde Point Lighthouse

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Lynde Point Lighthouse, Old Saybrook, Connecticut:
Also called Saybrook Inner Light, the lighthouse sits on the mouth of the Connecticut River. In 1802, the government paid William Lynde $225 for land at the harbor entrance, and a year later Lynde Point Lighthouse, a thirty-five-foot-tall, wooden tower, was completed by New London carpenter Abisha Woodward at a cost of $2,200. The lighthouse was replaced in 1837 with a 65 ft. octagonal tower of brownstone built by Jonathon Scranton, Volney Pierce and John Wilcox of Madison, Connecticut. A lighthouse keeper named John N. Buckridge was stationed at Lynde Point during the 1880’s. Buckridge was known as one of the first Americans to visit Japan while serving in the United States Navy.
Weston Ulbrich

Weston Ulbrich

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