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Castle Largo

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Castle Largo, Bristol, Connecticut:

At the corner of Main and Center Street in the Bristol neighborhood of Federal Hill is a brick castle was built in 1880. Unusual at the time of its construction, the Castle Laro mixes architectural styles; Italianate windows, towers and brickwork with a Second Empire-derived roof and features of Gothic Revival in the details. A local inventor and businessman, Joel Tiffany Case, designed the house and about 60 other homes in Bristol. Case, who also patented a turbine water wheel, was not a trained architect, but during the Gilded Age, he was a hobbyist who became an expert in combining various styles.

The home is comprised of 12 rooms totaling 2,000 square feet. There are 27 doors outside, 7 doors inside, and 57 windows. After living there a few months himself, Case sold the house to 24 year old flour mill owner, Charles Wightman, for $4,500. Wightman died in 1882, and his widow sold the house and its furnishings to Alfred West, a music store owner in Bristol. In 1891, West conveyed ownership to Charles A. Treadwell of the Horton Manufacturing Company. Treadwell sold the property to Samuel Joseph Large, chief engraver of Bristol’s American Silver Company in 1901. Large gave the home its nicknamed.

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