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Eli Whitney Boarding House

By February 21, 2022December 23rd, 2023No Comments

Eli Whitney Boarding House, Hamden, Connecticut:

At the corner of Whitney Avenue and Armory Street, is a late Federal, early Greek Revival-style home, constructed circa 1827. The property represents one of the last vestiges of the original hamlet of Whitneyville. Famed innovator Eli Whitney used the property to house unmarried employees of his rifle manufacturing company. More than ten other homes were built to house married workers. Contemporary scientist Benjamin Silliman wrote that they were “beautifully constructed and arranged upon one plan.”

“The Boarding House is the only surviving residential structure of the industrial village that centered on Eli Whitney’s Armory along the Mill River. It was here that Whitney made rifles for the United States Government in the early 19th century and worked to develop the concept of interchangeable parts. Remaining structures from the village include an early storehouse, Whitney’s barn, and the Boarding House.”

“Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as an Official Project of the Save America’s Treasures Program, the Eli Whitney Boarding House has served as Preservation Connecticut’s headquarters since 1989.”


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